We specialise in India and South Asia

Strategic thinking ∞ Creative solutions
       There are many ways to the top of the mountain
Western Ghats, South India                                (Photo: Christopher Snedden)

Our philosophy:

History teaches us a number of important lessons:

  • nothing stays the same forever—uncertainty and change are givens
  • chaos is a form of creativity—whether we like it or not
  • identity is important, with people everywhere different and similar
  • with insight, we can learn from the past’s self-similar patterns
  • when you least expect change, expect it!
This world offers many possibilities—and surprises.  To better perceive these, you must be informed, outward looking, contemplative and creative. 
To be ahead of the ‘game’, you need to be strategic, prepared to adopt new or different solutions, and courageous.  Our learning and consulting
encompasses these factors. 

We operate in a thoughtful, consultative, inclusive and respectful way.  Our practices are based on honesty and integrity.  We specialise in South Asian matters, particularly in relation to India, Pakistan and Jammu and Kashmir (J&K).