We Specialise in India and South Asia

                                             Diane Barbeler and Christopher Snedden                                                                                    Dal Lake, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir  (Photo by Christopher Snedden)


Christopher Snedden PhD

Christopher is a politico-strategic analyst, author, academic, and media analyst and commentator who has specialised in India and South Asia since 1981.  He uses his skills and background to inform people about these diverse areas and to untangle some of their curious complexities.  Chris harbours a strong desire to see India-Pakistan relations improve.


Diane Barbeler MAppSc (Organisation Dynamics)

Diane is a Company Director, Chairman of a not-for-profit organisation, and an Associate of Leadership Victoria.  She has the capacity to lead and manage complex programs, has highly effective communication and influencing skills at all levels, and works on a pro bono basis with local community organisations building capacity.